Questions and Answers

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What do you mean by “community”?

HR can be a lonely sport. We know, we've been there ourselves! We understand the value of connecting and sharing with peers in a non-competitive way. Our community connects you with resources, peers and services to help you improve your job performance, grow your career, and enhance your brand.

Who can join the community?

Peoplzz is a peers community and welcome any professionals that support employees across their life cycle at the organization and responsible to design, build, and improve company and work culture from within or from outside the organizations.

Is this an HR Process platform?

No, Peoplzz isn’t HRIS, ATS nor a talent management platform. We like to think of ourselves as if Github met a marketplace for culture builders.

I'm an independent professional. How can you help me?

Great question! Peoplzz, your personal brand is on display to the HR community at all times - not just when you’re looking for a new position or project. We’re building a community for you so you can share your work, grow your network and easily collaborate with peers with ease effortlessly.

Peoplzz offers you a storefront where you can show the real you! You can exhibit your unique and special services from long-term and complex services to small gigs.

We provide a support system that cares about your personal brand and is attentive to your needs. Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you!

How's the marketplace work

Peoplzz is a 'market network' and not a regular marketplace. The main differences between a regular marketplace and a market network are:

  1. A market-network combines elements from social networks and marketplace to provide you tools to create long-lasting relationships - not just quick transactions.
  2. In a market-network, all sides of the ecosystem can buy and sell from other community members.
  3. With a direct network, we are not the middleman. Instead, you make the rules, prices, and conditions. We are here to make it look more professional and hassle-free.
  4. Market-network empower the service provider as a differentiated and unique individual.

How Does Peoplzz make money?

Joining the community is free after a short application process.

If you want to sell your time or services to the community with a pro storefront, the subscription is $15 per month for early signups and a 1% transaction fee Or 120$ Annual + 1% transaction fee Be sure to sign up before it’s too late!

I'm a vendor can I join the market network

Peoplzzz is a peer to peer network this is why only individuals can join the community and the marketplace.

Haven’t found what you looking for? Contact us! we’de love to hear from you!