Or Bar Cohen
Nov 26th, 2018

The List of the Best Resources and Guides on Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing

Recruiting talent is today’s market may seem difficult for some in Human Resources. This typically happens to new HR professionals as well as organizations needing to update their hiring and recruitment efforts. To reach its goals, today’s top companies focus on a series of brand intangibles that clearly define what the brand is about and what an employee can expect. From talent attraction to recruitment marketing to brand communication, each and many more represent what it takes to recruit top talent in today's market.

To help people get caught up, we’ve compiled some of the best guides on branding and recruitment marketing for your business.

Hubspot inbound fundamentals

How To Creatively And Effectively Communicate Your Employer Brand by Piktochart and Bonusly

The Definitive Guide to Recruitment Marketing by Beamery

The Talent Attraction Lookbook by Beamery

The Employer Brand Toolkit by BPS

6 Steps to Building Your Employee Value Proposition by Recruiting.com

A Guide on How to Create Candidate Persona by TalentLyft

The Seven Deadly Sins of Employer Branding by Jobvite

How to Recruit like a Marketer- Webinar by Beamery

A better offer letter by Carta

Inbound Recruiting 101 - by Hubspot