Debbie Sharvit
Dec 13th, 2018

Recapping 2018

2018 was an incredible year in People and Culture Ops and for us at Peoplzz. Across the industry, new concepts and practices are being embraced. Team cohesion is on the rise as are community outreach efforts. This past year, people professionals dealt with a range of classic and modern challenges in the workplace. From productivity to remote team building, agile People and Culture leaders and their colleagues helped answer these problems and steer organizations into the proper direction for the years ahead.

We started Peoplzz just as 2018 began. Now, one year in and we are excited to have everyone along for the journey as we develop the Poeps market's long overdue, on-demand, real-time community. In addition to building our community, we wanted to practice what we preached. We wanted to share our wisdom with the community just as we asked of you.

Tackling the Difficulties of People Ops

One of the most talked about subjects in recent years has been long overdue: mental health awareness. When discussing mid-career crisis tips for managers, we explored how feeling lost at work and in your personal life overlap. Managers can help their colleagues through mid-career crises by listening and actively communicating with the person. Additionally, seeking out new opportunities for growth can provide the mental stimulation that creates new ideas and personal goals.

Smaller scale crises crept back into offices in 2018 as well. One of the more perplexing has been debates concerning apps and their impact on productivity. The proliferation of apps has made what was once efficient work and lifehacks into a Huxleyan oversaturation of tech which holds productivity captive. The current climate has led to employees and management stating their frustrations. Communication appeared to be the worst casualty of too many apps. To remedy the issue, we suggest limiting team apps to a choice few that are used across departments. Additionally, wellness efforts can incorporate tech addiction in the hopes of helping employees in their personal time as well.

At the same time, America's debated skills gap problem raged on. Some may disagree. However, recent figures suggest that a gap does exist. Human Resources can take the lead in addressing internal issues. Some organizations have adopted the agile network of teams approach, more on that down below. Meanwhile, middle market companies have focused on apprenticeships, in-house training and education programs to develop employees skillsets. With a series of options for teams, HR can help pinpoint and implement a solution to the skills gap problem.

Employee and Management Advancement Efforts

The year wasn't all about resolving problems. 2018 championed professional advancement in a growing number of work environments. Developing dynamic management has never been more vital. That's why addressing the growth of the manager and their team is essential. From day one, managers should know what is expected of them through clear communication and peer leadership. This training should flow down to their team as the manager spreads the motivation they've received. Keep in mind that constantly developing management into quality leaders tends to produce long-lasting beneficial effects you’ll see in the team.

Management in and out of HR are now benefitting from data to stimulate career growth as well. Analytics is now a priority for the vast majority of companies today. These metrics also have shifted the role of HR. While it can seem unsettling at first, using data to track KPIs is rather beneficial. Data analytics allow for easier tracking of revenue, customer experience, innovation and much more. Much like addressing the app issue in the office, the big decision lies in choosing the proper tools for your team.

Contingent Labor and a Network of Teams

The contingent labor workforce is evolving and taking on numerous forms. What once was called a contractor or freelancer now has different niche titles that applying to a growing number of career options. In the U.S., they already make up half of the country's labor force. Integrating the future of work into some teams has been more trying than others. The key to seamlessly integrating contingent labor into the workplace includes making the correct strategy and put it into action. While this may sound simple, adjusting to the rapidly moving space can prove trying for even the most clever people professionals.

One of the best ways to ensure a successful contingent labor relationship occurs is embracing the network of teams approach. This recent wave of workplace reimagination focuses on expert leadership driving success that brings people together through shared information, not a shared workplace. Information hubs allow for contingent workers across the globe contribute to your project. Once both concepts are embraced, building a network of teams using contingent labor should become a simple endeavor in 2019.

Contingent labor also helps brands grow by establishing a reputation as a company that is employee friendly. By embracing the above solutions, the contingent workforce and your full-time team both get to experience expert leadership that suits their work arrangement. In doing so, leadership sets the team up to reach its goals while remaining agile to changes that may arise.

This open-minded workplace will do wonders for company culture. An approach like this is one that fosters learning, progressing and succeeding. That happens in and out of the workplace. Spreading wellness to the community is more important than ever. Adopt the same principles in the office for community efforts. Get the team involved. It’s crucial that your people think outside of the office and proactively do some good. Not only will this provide perspective for all involved, the community - including partners and vendors - will see your company’s mission in action.

In 2019, we’ll continue to address the ongoing needs of the evolving office. At Peoplzz, we can’t wait to tackle topics like early-stage companies, creating dynamic company cultures and creating fast, lasting impact. We’re excited to see what the new year has in store. Join us on the journey.

Happy New Year!