Debbie Sharvit
Aug 11th, 2018

How To Uniquely Build Your People Pro Brand

Today, 20 to 30 percent of the workforce in the United States and Europe, or 162 million people, engage in some form of flexible work. Human Resources professionals make up a fair share of those flexible workers. Whether they launch a venture on their own, or work within an agency, a flexible independent career is just as viable for people professionals as any other industry.

With freedom and an average salary at roughly $66,000, it comes as no surprise that the market is flooding with talent. No matter which direction a HR Consultant takes, they will compete with thousands of professionals just like them. Top HR Consultants understand that a portfolio can sell hard skills, but what about soft skills? How do you succeed in a subjective capacity?

In today’s market network, millions of service professionals can properly present themselves on both fronts. By harnessing the power of social media while working within a marketplace environment, HR Consultants can show off their knowledge while developing a reputation as a diligent, open-minded employee that is a pleasure to work with while getting results. We at Peoplzz are happy to provide this platform to the community.

Whether using our platform or embarking on your own, the key is branding yourself. Here is how you can genuinely stand out from the crowded, talented pool of professionals with your own unique brand of charm and work ethic.

Think Like Your Audience

You need to consider your audience at every stage of your business. Whether it is forming your plan or actively engaging them, always think of your intended audience. Consider their needs, interests and what attracts them to top HR Consultants and other services.

From there, think about their time and workload. What takes up the most time and how can you ease their pain points? From there, what services are they using, or would consider using, to address their work needs? With this information in mind, map out the ways your services can offer them a return on their investment that generates you all revenue in the process.

When in doubt, always consider your audience. It should guide your business in the right direction most of the time.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Know What You Are Offering

Sure, you may work in HR, but you aren’t an HR service. Instead, you are a specialist with a select set of skills made for certain functions of the industry. This doesn’t mean you can’t expand your offerings as time goes on - we’ll discuss that down below. When beginning, remember what they say about being a jack of all trades and a master of none.

To avoid such an outcome, break down your services into specifics. When setting up your storefront in the marketplace, give visitors a taste of what you can provide. A portfolio is the best way to present your past work and skill set. Additionally, doing a small bit of work for a client can make an impression as well. Taking this approach helps build relationships and can lead to larger projects as well. Be sure to manage your time and effort. Too many small projects can eat away at your time.

Genuinely Build Your Brand

Building brand recognition is easy enough with countless digital tools at your disposal. A solid content funnel and a modest ad spending budget can expand your recognition well enough.

Within the HR community, however, that approach won’t be as effective. While you may get people noticing your name, they won’t know about your credentials. More so, they won’t understand the work you create as a professional.

While it may take more time, adding value to the community rather than pushing your services is the way to go. Instead of building your brand largely off Google AdWords and promoted social posts, contribute to the community. By answering questions and adding valuable content to conversations, you are making progress in asserting yourself as a credible, informed and engaged member of the community.

Or, to put it in another way, you’re just what employers are looking for in a Consultant.

One of the best ways to provide value is with case studies. While some may associate case studies as bland and tedious documents, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Rather, a case study can be a brief of your latest project. Delve into why you took the steps you chose and the outcomes that came from them. If you think the case study is becoming too robust, feel free to break it into digestible morsels. At Peoplzz, we call these snack studies so you can fill your brain on the go with the information you need.

Continue Genuinely Giving Your Time

Some people stop engaging with the community as much once they land a client or two. While this is understandable to some degree, you cannot make the mistake of disregarding the community or just giving them fluff answers to appear engaged. If you do take this ill-advised route, you are likely to be That Person.

Don’t be That Person.

That Person is the clearly self-serving individual. Sure, we’re all selling our skills and building our careers, but who wants to work with the person that is clearly in it for just themselves? Tech Writer Hillel Fuld put it best when reminding us to think about the other person receiving your message. While you may think you’re getting your message out, you may have overlooked their side of the interaction.

Fuld elaborated on the point. "If you are communicating with someone, whoever that person is, and whatever you hope to accomplish, put yourself in their shoes and try to think whether this form of outreach would be effective if you were on the receiving end."

So, be generous with your time and knowledge. The community will take notice more than any marketing materials will.

Continue to Grow and Expand

It is never a bad idea to learn more about your industry. From taking classes to attending seminars to reading in your free time, each provides an avenue for you to learn and develop as a professional. In time, your newfound skills can become viable enough that you would like to include it in your product offerings.

So, let yourself grow. You never know where it may take you. In some cases, you could find yourself teaching about your skills instead of applying them to your trade. Many professionals have found themselves transitioning or splitting time between teaching and consulting as their career develops. Both have the potential to be lucrative revenue streams while diversifying your workload.

To reach this level of wisdom, never skip on an opportunity to advance yourself. Attend any applicable workshops, training sessions, seminars and mentor meetups to enhance your career. Leverage your time and grow your skills.

Play the Long Game

Long story short, be prepared to play the long game. More to the point, make your long game genuine and valuable - never a long con. To avoid such an outcome, always think of your audience and remain genuine.

Instead of being the previously mentioned That Person, be That Person. While the name may be confusing, your actions will not. The latter That Person is one who helps others succeed. If someone doesn’t understand why you are dedicating so much effort to your community, you are likely on the right path. That genuine sweat equity is sure to pay off for your brand and then your business.