Debbie Sharvit
Oct 1st, 2018

How to build your HR career in the future of work

The future of work is well underway. Businesses have been examining the landscape and making educated steps to ensure their success in the new era of work. As a growing number of professionals enter into the workforce, standing out and succeeding becomes that more trying. When building your own HR career, consider the following points:

Manage Your Career Like a Business

Companies aren’t the only ones that have been preparing for the future of work. Individuals in the marketplace have begun to prepare just like the businesses they work for. These individuals are building roadmaps to their own success that include career milestones, additional education and other ways to grow as a people professional.

Last year, Fast Company noted how freelance workers are planning for the future of work faster than anyone else. Take a page out of their book and determine what you can do to develop a plan that scales your career. Project what you need, how long it will take and all the other developments that may arise along the way.

In short, they are working like a business.

Manage Your Brand

You’ll need to stand out from a crowd of talented HR professionals. While your skills, resume and portfolio are the foundational elements of landing work, it takes much more to get noticed. A huge component of the future of work is the evolving tech and our incorporation of it into our workflow. In doing so, they have been able to differentiate themselves through a series of options. From social media to site building to video and photo editing, these are just a few ways HR professionals are branding themselves.

Often, the previously mentioned methods are used in collaboration to present a wide-reaching message to followers and potential clients. Professionals seeking ways to stand out can go broad on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, or tap into a more niche, collaborative hub like what Peoplzz offers. By showing off their work, skills and credentials, these professionals embrace the technological future in a way that professionally showcases their work through case studies, Q&A sessions, infographics and helps establish a distinctive brand for themselves.

Embrace Community Building

Communities are replacing networking. That is not to say that the networking event or its classic methods will go away anytime soon. Instead, a professional community will become the next iteration of networking. Too often, we end up leaving networking events with a handful of cards and not much else beyond a hope that something could come to fruition from this. Rather, the communal approach is re-thinking networking and focusing on how we all can make a positive impact on our community and give it value.

Photo by travelnow.or.crylater on Unsplash

Photo by travelnow.or.crylater on Unsplash

That is how we shaped the Peoplzz community. We wanted to give each person the ability to share their insights, provide feedback, collaborate with others and do much more together and for one another. We understand that even if two people can’t cultivate a lasting relationship from moment one, they can provide value to one another over time through a series of interactions that solidify opportunities and communities. And that is how lasting partnerships are often created.

Educate and Challenge

Entering the HR profession is challenging enough in its own right. That said, those that want to succeed and build a lasting career have to go further. To do so, an aspiring professional would be wise if they take a proactive approach to learning about their work and challenging themselves to step out of the comfort zone of their career.

On the one hand, educating yourself means staying up to date on the latest market developments. What is happening with major players, but also what are the latest apps disrupting the space? Both are just as important to your short- and long-term success. Analyzing the market and its trends are just as vital. Don’t let any slip past you.

At the same time, use your app and tech knowledge to ensure your digital tools are up to date. Have a mastery of each you use in your workflow. Now, push yourself and reach out to communities. Connect with people that inspire you in the space. Challenge yourself by reaching out to those that are where you’d like to be. From there, challenge yourself further. Set goals and KPIs that would make your business proud. Determine what are scalable, real goals and push yourself to produce a bit more.

In today’s evolving landscape, pushing yourself to produce more for your business while providing for a growing community can seem like a difficult task. The truth is that is precisely the case. That said, the effort will be worth it and reflected in your results. Those results should place you and your HR aspirations at the top of the list of qualified candidates for numerous projects and positions. Now, remember that this is an ongoing process and the work is never truly done. Whether at the peak of the future of work or at any point in your career, learning, preparing, communicating and properly executing will always be keys to building your career. Never stop learning and always keep performing. Success is likely to follow.