Debbie Sharvit
Aug 14th, 2018

How to be more creative with your offering

Finding clients can be difficult. That is especially true as more Human Resources professionals go freelance. Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or a newcomer to the industry, attracting would-be clients is a skill in and of itself. In this growing market, you are competing with some of the best in the business. Sure, you may have comparable skills, possibly even better in some regards, but without standing out, you won’t get clients. So, how do you break from the pack and let your skills shine like you know they can?

There is no one set way, but rather, the options are only limited to your creativity. Think beyond the obvious methods such as SEO, paid ads and networking events. Consider who you collaborate with and what you can offer them. Consider what your services are and how you can package them to be the most enticing service to the clients you want to land. Instead of competing in the crowded lane, step outside and create your own.

Photo by Jessy Smith on Unsplash

Photo by _[Jessy Smith]( on [Unsplash_](

Make Yourself Accessible

You want to be accessible. Whenever you can, you’ll want to be available to take calls, answer questions and provide value to your potential customers and clients. Making yourself so available is the best way to get your foot in the door with the people you want to do business with. Sometimes, business will materialize right away. In other cases, you’ll have to wait for the right opportunity to arise. Or, they may refer your services to another company they know needs help. Regardless of the outcome, a positive impression is never a bad thing to make.

Ok, so the first tip isn’t the most creative, but it will almost always be your best foundation. The next step is to be flexible with the market’s demand. Maybe what you're offering in your advising package is a bit more robust than what the market demands. Or, maybe your potential clients are budget conscious and need to do work incrementally. How can you secure their business? Be flexible - diversify your offerings.

Break down what you offered a complete package into more bite-sized options. One could focus on compliance audits while another focuses more on training. Consider your strengths within the larger offering. Think about what you can break apart that provides value on its own. If you make a lasting impression, you’re likely to be the person your client contacts when the time is right for more work.

It is important to understand the value of both approaches. Together, you get to show potential clients and established relationships that you are not only a service but also a person. It is key that your personality comes through. Skills alone won’t carry many people in their professions - and certainly not in a field where we’re called **people professionals. **

Passive Income: Sell Your Creations, Not Your Time

Just because you are good at your job, or even if you love it, does not mean you want to be there all the time. Plus, until you establish a consistent base of clients, it can often be difficult earning enough to match or exceed your income from office life. As an HR consultant, you are a prime candidate for generating passive income.

Consider the range of services you have. Now break them down just like you would when diversifying for potential clients. Lay out what you know and what you make. With your years in the industry, it is almost assured that you could create a series of e-books on scores of topics from healthcare selection to team unity to workplace sensitivity training. HR Consultants are goldmines of information. It’s time to open yours up.

You create online courses on Udemy, Skillshare or in your own marketplace. Or, stay off camera and create ebooks, guides, training materials and other visual tools to improve businesses. Now, go further! Consider giving talks or conducting on-site workshops. These are just a few ideas that you have stored in your mind ready to generate passive income for your business.

Now, what if you respond by saying that you don’t have the skills to shoot and edit videos for classes? Or, maybe you aren’t skilled in digital editing programs. What if you don’t like public speaking? These are all viable concerns. Thankfully, you have your network to tap into. Get creative by connecting with your fellow creatives!

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

Photo by _[Amy Shamblen]( on [Unsplash_](

Consider your pain points holding you back from making something. Then, seek out someone in your community who is able to do the work. In some cases, you may end up becoming a client of another freelancer, which is fine. However, another option can be a collaboration. Now, you can link up video professionals to produce high-quality videos. You can also link up with a top-notch Photoshop and Illustrator expert to put your lessons onto guides. You can even find a public speaker who is looking to work with a mind like yours.

Collaborations can help people professionals earn passive income and establish names for themselves in the competitive marketplace. By being creative, you are being adaptive to your surroundings. Never change what business you are, yet, be open to adapting to the needs and limitations of the market. In doing so, you can connect with people in your marketplace, which could lead to business opportunities for you both at some point as well.

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